Jolly Rancher Gummies Sour Awesome Reds - 184g

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Gummy candy from Jolly Rancher!

Have a sour candy excursion with Jolly Rancher Gummies Sour Awesome Reds! This Jolly Rancher candy includes all those awesome red flavors you love with a tangy and sour twist!

Get ready to chew on these gummies with the ravishing red flavors of sour cherry, sour strawberry, sour pomegranate, sour watermelon and sour fruit punch.
Every gummy candy is filled with that sour candy thrill! Tangy and bold, it is sure to make your candy experience remarkable!
Jolly Rancher has been making us "jolly" since 1949. This old fashioned candy offers its famously flavorful original hard candy as well as gummy candy, sour candy, and more!
Savour the sour with the Jolly Rancher Gummies Sour Awesome Reds!