Jolly Rancher Filled Lollipops

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A Burst of Flavor in Every Pop!

Step into a world of nostalgic candy with Jolly Rancher Filled Lollipops! These delightful lollipops aren't just your ordinary sweet treats; they're a jam-packed sensation that is waiting to be devoured. Each Jolly Rancher lollipop includes a chewy fruity center that's like discovering treasure inside a candy chest!

When you start indulging in the sweet treat, you can expect to be met with the boldness of cherry, watermelon, grape and the zing of green apple. Plus, their vibrant, eye-catching swirls make them as fun to look at as they are to eat! If you’re looking for that extra burst of flavor, Jolly Rancher Filled Lollipops are your ticket to a candy-filled adventure.

0.5oz (16g)

Made in the USA