Jelly Belly Kids Mix - 100g

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Feel like a kid again with Jelly Belly!

Filled with the wonderment of childhood the Jelly Belly Kids Mix is a delicious selection of jelly beans! Featuring the fun flavors of Tutti Frutti, Bubblegum, Chocolate Pudding, Buttered Popcorn and many more!

And hey, you don't have to be a kid to get behind these jelly beans! This Jelly Belly Mix is meant for anyone who is still a kid at heart!
As you open up these sweet and colorful beans, those intense and aromatic flavors will deliciously fill the air. 
With just one jelly bean, your tastebuds will go on a flavorful journey. Filled with those gourmet Jelly Belly flavors and that incredible chewy texture!
Since 1976, Jelly Belly has been thrilling us with its remarkable-tasting jelly beans. Available in a large variety of gourmet flavors, colors and sizes. Nothing could ever beat these jelly beans!
Feed your inner child with the Jelly Belly Kids Mix!