Huer Sour Blue Razzberries Gummy Candy - 1kg

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Sensational Sour Blue Candy 

Take your taste buds on a sour ride with the Huer Sour Blue Razzberries Gummy Candy. This blue candy will have your face puckered and tongue blue all day long! The sour suffering is worth it though because Huer gummies are so tasty, you’ll keep going back for more. The Blue Razzberry flavor will definitely be a standout with its intense fruitiness, and if you love sour candy then the sour coating will be a bonus! 

This blue bulk candy is perfect for parties, baby showers, gender reveals – the possibilities are endless when you have so much delicious sour candy to go around! If you’re hosting a big party, we suggest getting more than one bag because once your guests get a taste of the blue gummy candy, it’ll be gone before you know it! 

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35.27oz (1kg) 

Made in the USA