Huer Sour Blue Raspberries Gummy Candy - 1kg

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Chase those blues away with the delicious taste of Huer Sour Blue Raspberries Gummy Candy! This sour candy is soft and chewy and comes in a tender gummy candy. Finished with sanded sugar, adding a slight crunch to every bite!

Every gummy candy is made in the shape of a cute little raspberry! This sour candy is ready to deliver its tart and tangy flavor directly to your tastebuds!
Perfect for sharing this bulk candy. It would be ideal at a blue-themed party or event. Great to add to a candy table or a candy buffet. Or get creative and add this sour candy to party favors as a thank-you to your guests!
Experience the ravishing raspberry with the Huer Sour Blue Raspberries Gummy Candy!