Huer Mango Frosty Gummies - 1kg

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Tropics-inspired bulk candy!

Spoil yourself with the exotic taste of mangos! The Huer Mango Frosty Gummies are a sunny taste of the tropics. This gummy candy comes in the shape of a retro-looking soda bottle. 

With every chewy bite, these gummies unleash a dynamic taste of fresh and ripe mangos. Forget about peeling a mango yourself; just bite into this mango-delicious taste!
This bulk candy would happily feed a crowd, perfect for candy tables, a candy buffet or for adding to party favours. 
Huer Candy has been treating us to premium gummy candy since 1986. Enjoyed for generations, Huer Candy continues to spoil us with a wide variety of unforgettable candy!
Make your day sweeter with the Huer Mango Frosty Gummies!