Huer Gummy Sour Suckers - 1kg

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Seriously Sour Gummy Keys!

Sour keys are a staple in the gummy family and Huer Gummy Sour Suckers did them right! These sour gems are everything you’d want from a sour key, with its soft gummy texture to its sour coating that only intensifies after each bite. Be careful not to hurt the roof of your mouth with too many at once, otherwise knock yourself out! 

As the perfect shareable snack, Huer Gummy Sour Suckers come in a bulk bag that you can enjoy for long periods of time. Try sharing these tasty gummies (if you’re in the giving mood) if you want to be the fav friend among your crew! No one can resist these sweet n sour gummies!

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35.27oz (1kg) 

Made in the USA