Hi-Chew Soda Pop - 80 g

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Experience Fizzy Sweetness with a Side of Tingles

If you enjoy the classic Hi-Chew candy, and prefer to have a lot of your meals with a soda drink, this is the candy you’ve been waiting for! Containing two distinct soda flavors, each pack comes with Ramune & Cola flavors. Ramune is a sparkling sweet white soda, and Cola is the traditional dark soda we all know & love. This deliciously chewy candy will satisfy your tastebuds with the intense fizzy soda flavors. Hi-Chew Candy is known for the powerful flavors that come with each bite, and the chewy consistently will keep it lasting for as long as you enjoy it!! 

Originating in Japan, the Morinaga candy company was established in 1899, it's no wonder these chewy candies are so popular!

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2.82oz (80g)

Made in Japan