Hi-Chew Reduced Sugar Mango & Strawberry - 2.12oz

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Sweet & Light Treats!

Indulge guilt-free in the tropical embrace of Hi-Chew's Reduced Sugar Mango & Strawberry! This delightful duo brings you the sun-kissed sweetness of ripe mangoes and the luscious allure of succulent strawberries, all with a dash of candy magic – reduced sugar!

Hi-Chew has crafted a guilt-free symphony of flavors, ensuring you can treat yourself without compromise. Whether you refrain from sugar for health or diet restrictions, the Hi-Chew reduced sugar candy is the perfect snack for those who crave a burst of tropical joy. Embrace the lighter side of sweetness with Hi-Chew Reduced Sugar Mango & Strawberry!

Get more out of your fruity chews when you explore our Hi-Chew collection!

2.12oz (60g) 

Made in Canada