Hershey's Special Dark Giant Bar - 192g

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This chocolate bar is bold!

Indulge in a giant taste of Hershey's Chocolate with Hershey's Special Dark Giant Bar.

Made for the ultimate lover of dark chocolate, this Hershey's bar is bold and robust and features that deep and delectable dark chocolate flavor.
As you open up this irresistible chocolate bar, the fragrant scent of the dark chocolate will sweetly whirl through the air. Your senses will be captured by that bold aroma.
Upon that first delicious bite, you'll experience a rich and velvety dark chocolate with a more than tantalizing taste. Made with a melt-in-your-mouth texture, you'll be sweetly swept off your chocolate-loving feet with this Hershey's chocolate bar. Made in an impressive giant size, this dark chocolate is definitely made for the ultimate chocolate lover!
Hershey's has been spoiling us with its one-of-a-kind chocolate since 1894. Spanning decades, Hershey's chocolate is a staple for any chocolate connoisseur. Savoured and loved by generations making every bite a magical moment.
Every day is special with Hershey's! Make it extraordinary with Hershey's Special Dark Giant Bar!