Hershey's Milklicious - 1.4oz

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Delicious chocolate bar from Hershey's!

Milk Chocolate with creamy chocolate milk filling.

Discover a whole new creamy sensation with Hershey's Milklicious. This chocolate bar features two bars of a creamy, dreamy milk chocolate filling encased in a rich layer of Hershey's milk chocolate.

Upon unwrapping this chocolate bar, the delectable and aromatic scent of rich chocolate will have you excitedly taking your first bite.
Your happy lips will be introduced to a velvety filling with an incredible chocolate-infused flavor. You'll be doubly delighted tasting that classic wrap of Hershey's milk chocolate. 
We've been enamoured with that delicious taste of Hershey's since it introduced its very first chocolate bar in 1900. Creamy and unforgettable, Hershey's is a classic!
Delve into the true meaning of deliciousness with Hershey's Milklicioius!