Hershey's Birthday Cake Chocolate Bar - 95g

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Happy Birthday from Hershey's!

Happy birthday to you! Celebrate with the incredibly delicious taste of Hershey's Birthday Cake Chocolate Bar!

Inspired by birthday cake-flavored ice cream, this spectacular Hershey's bar breaks apart into cute little ice-cream cone segments. How cool is that?
With a base of birthday cake-flavored creme, this chocolate bar would not be complete without adding bright and colorful sprinkles!
This Canadian Chocolate Bar is filled with that classic vanilla birthday cake flavor. The sprinkles add color and texture to the entire Hershey's chocolate bar!
Why not get creative and use the ice- cream cone pieces as an edible embellishment to other desserts? For that delicious finishing touch, top off an ice cream cone, sundae, or cupcake!
Make your birthday wish come true with Hershey's Birthday Cake Chocolate Bar!
Product of Canada