Hershey's Kisses Strawberry Ice Cream Cone - 9oz

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Hugs n Kisses Chocolate 

These limited editions of Hershey’s Kisses seamlessly blend the taste of the iconic chocolate with the delicious flavor of strawberry ice cream. Hershey’s kisses have become synonymous with Valentine’s Day, but why stop there when you can have these candies all year? Easy and accessible, these little candy gems can go anywhere with you, making them the perfect quick little snack! 

Each little “Kiss” has the perfect sweetness without overpowering your sweet tooth. Inspired by the summer, this strawberry candy uses nostalgia and delicious flavors to activate your tastebuds. As if this candy couldn’t get any sweeter, the “Kisses” are individually wrapped in a pink tinfoil that can melt any heart. 

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  • Not gluten free

9oz (255g)

Made in the USA