Haribo Trolls (Grunis) - 200g

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Seriously Sweet Haribo Gummy

There’s nothing mystical or fantastical about these Haribo gummies. You don’t need to use your imagination when snacking on Haribo Trolls (Grunis). These characters may be imaginary, but there is nothing imaginary about the flavor and satisfying texture of these fruity gummies. With three deliciously sweet flavor combos, including Peach-Passionfruit, Apple-Cherry, and Lemon Blueberry, you’re sure to enjoy your snacking experience. Since 1922, Haribo has been known for making high-quality tasty gummies; their Trolls gummies are no exception. Grab a pack of these tasty treats for on-the-go snacking or for a quick pick-me-up when you need to add a boost of sweetness to your day. 

7.1oz (200g)

Made in Germany