Haribo Rainbow Pixel Sour - 160g

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Irresistibly Bold Haribo Sour Gummy

Overwhelm your senses with the mega colorful and tasty Haribo Rainbow Pixel Sour candy! This unique Haribo candy goes above what the brand has built its name on with its bright rainbow colors and sour coating. Haribo is imported straight from Germany and since 1922 they’ve built a reputation on their sweet gummy bears.

If you love sour gummies then you have to try the Rainbow Pixel! Haribo used their iconic gummy recipe to create an irresistible candy with a wave of sweet flavors and face puckering sourness! If you want to bump up the fun, grab a few of your friends and see which one of you can handle the sour sting! 

5.6oz (160g)

Made in Germany