Haribo Peaches - 5oz.

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Fuzzy, Juicy, and Irresistibly Peachy!

Prepare for a peachy keen taste adventure with Haribo Peaches! These chewy and fruity gummy candies are like a bite of summer sunshine in every piece. With their sweet and tangy peach flavor, they'll have your taste buds doing the tango. Whether you're on a road trip, having a movie night, or just need a fruity pick-me-up, Haribo Peaches are your go-to treat. Each peach-shaped gummy is bursting with juicy goodness that's so irresistible, you'll want to savor every moment. It's like a little vacation for your taste buds! So pucker up and enjoy the taste of summer all year round with Haribo Peaches.

5oz (142g) 

Made in Germany