Haribo Mega-Roulette Gummi Candy

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Roll the Fun with Haribo Mega-Roulette Gummi!

Experience a candy adventure like no other! Haribo's Mega-Roulette Gummi Candy is here to dazzle your taste buds with whimsical, fruity fun. Unroll a world of flavor with these delightful, bite-sized roulette wheels that pack a punch of deliciousness in every chew.

Each wheel is a colorful twist of fruity goodness, making it the perfect snack for kids and the young at heart. Whether you're looking to add some excitement to your candy collection or planning a game night, these Mega-Roulette candies will keep the good times rolling. So, place your bets on flavor and win big with Haribo Mega-Roulette Gummi Candy! 

1.6oz (45g) 

Made in Germany