Haribo Happy Cherries Gummi Candy - 5oz

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The Cherries That Make You Smile!

Turn that frown upside down with Haribo Happy Cherries Gummi Candy! These adorable, cherry-shaped gummies are here to add a burst of joy to your day. Bursting with vibrant cherry flavor, each bite is a cheerful reminder that life is sweet. Whether you're a fan of classic cherry treats or just looking for something to brighten your snack time, these gummies are a fruity delight. Pop them in your mouth, and you can't help but smile! With their playful shape and irresistible taste, Haribo Happy Cherries are perfect for sharing the happiness with friends and family. Say goodbye to gloomy days and hello to cherry-flavored happiness. Make every day a little brighter with Haribo Happy Cherries Gummi Candy!

5oz (142g) 

Made in Germany