Haribo Gold Bears Cherry - 4oz

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Haribo Gummy Bears are the gold standard!

Make the day golden with the Haribo Gold Bears Cherry. This Haribo candy is a classic sure to satisfy any gummy bear lover around!

As you bite through these cute-looking gummies, you'll notice that soft and chewy texture.
The sweet scent of cherry is undeniably delicious and becomes more vibrant with every chewy bite!
Haribo Gummy Bears are truly the gold standard of gummy candy. Making their adorable debut in 1922. Haribo Candy was the original creator of gummy bears. Sweetly spanning decades and famous choice of candy all over the world!
This old fashioned candy is a staple in every candy lover's repertoire. Delivering incredible and intense flavors along with its soft and chewy texture.
Take a bite at the cherry with the Haribo Gold Bears Cherry!