Haribo Fruity Penguins Gummy Candy - 160 g

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Join the Fun with Haribo Fruity Penguins Gummy!

Prepare for a delightful journey to the Antarctic of flavors with Haribo Fruity Penguins Gummy Candy! These whimsical little penguins are not just adorable; they're packed with fruity goodness that'll make your taste buds waddle with joy. Each gummy is a burst of tropical flavors like watermelon, apple, tropical, blackberry and orange, bringing a rainbow of tastes to your snacking experience. Whether you're sharing them with friends or enjoying a solo treat, these fruity penguins are the perfect companions for your candy adventures. Dive into a world of fruity fun and let these penguins march their way into your heart!

5.6oz (160g) 

Made in Germany