Haribo Fruitmania Joghurt Candy - 175 g

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Dive into Creamy Delight with Fruitmania Joghurt!

Take your taste buds on an adventure like no other with Haribo Fruitmania Joghurt Candy! These whimsical treats are bursting with fruity goodness and a creamy yogurt twist that'll make your palate sing with joy. Each piece is a tiny treasure trove of flavors like strawberry, cherry, and blueberry, all wrapped in a luscious yogurt coating. The delightful blend of sweet and tangy will have you reaching for more. Whether you're snacking, sharing, or savoring, these candies are the perfect way to add a little fruity fun to your day. It's a fruity fiesta you won't want to miss!

6.2oz (175g) 

Made in Germany