Haribo Fruitmania Berry - 160g

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Experience a Burst of Berry Flavor!

Haribo gummies are a German gummy that has built a strong following since its release in 1922. If you love gummy candies and have never tried Haribo gummies then you’re definitely missing out! Don’t neglect your taste buds any longer with Haribo Fruitmania Berry gummies.

These sensationally sweet gummies are made with 20% real fruit juice and are shaped as their berry flavors. The tasty berry flavors include Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Currant and Blueberry. Sweeten your day with this delicious soft gummy and experience the wonders of Haribo candy! Enjoy this gummy on your own, or share a few bites with your closest friends so they can also appreciate the bold berry flavors. 

5.6oz (160g)

Made in Germany