Haribo Fruit Dropjes Licorice and Jelly Drops - 175g

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Get The Best of Both Worlds With This Haribo Gummy

Do you ever find yourself stuck on what candy you want to indulge in for the day? Well, you won’t have to be stumped anymore with Haribo Fruit Dropjes Licorice and Jelly Drops! Enjoy a blend of spicy licorice drops and fruity gummy drops all in one place. Surprise your taste buds with an exciting mix of tangy or sweet flavors. If you can’t get enough of gummy candies, then you have to give this flavor-duo candy a chance – you won’t regret it! Since 1922 Haribo has curated some of the most delicious gummies on the market, so make sure you get your hands on this German candy asap! 

6.2oz (175g)

Made in Germany