Haribo Bulk Twin Snakes - 4.5lb

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Double the Flavor with Haribo Twin Snakes! 

Double the trouble with double the flavor! Haribo Bulk Twin Snakes are tasty fruit gummies that come in pairs that make each bite twice as appetizing! So if you’re feeling risky, you can bite the heads of two snakes at once! Don’t worry, they won’t bite back – in fact, they’ll be quite sweet about it. Every inch of your taste buds will be ignited with flavor and they’ll blissfully be anticipating their next bite. Enjoy the sweet and chewy sensation of these gummies on your own, or if you’re feeling generous, share some with your friends and fam! Fortunately, this is a bulk candy so there’s more than enough to go around! 

4.5lbs (2kg) 

Made in the USA