Haribo Barchen Parchen - 175g

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A Sweet Duo of Delightful Fun!

Introducing Haribo Barchen Parchen – the dynamic duo of chewy goodness that's here to double up your candy joy! Get ready to embark on a taste adventure that's twice as delightful and twice as fun with these playful gummies.

Picture this: a sunny day at Candy Funhouse, where gummy bears and gummy hearts join forces to create a candy masterpiece. With Haribo Barchen Parchen, you're in for a treat that's not just delicious, but utterly charming too. These adorable gummies bring together the beloved shapes of bears and hearts, giving you a taste of sweetness that's straight from the heart.

As you take your first bite, you'll be greeted by the chewy embrace of these whimsical gummies. The soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture of the gummy bears perfectly complements the gentle sweetness of the gummy hearts.

Haribo Barchen Parchen is not just a candy; it's a reminder that happiness comes in pairs. So why settle for one when you can have both? Grab a bag, share a smile, and let the playful charm of these gummies bring some extra sweetness to your day.

6.17oz (175g)

Made in Germany