Haribo Bananas - 120g

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Peel Open a World of Whimsical Delights!

Step into a world of fruity enchantment with Haribo Bananas – the gummies that bring the joy of ripe, sun-kissed bananas right to your taste buds! These whimsical treats are more than just candy; they're a playful journey through the tropics, where every bite is a delicious escapade.

As you bite into these gummies, the juicy sweetness unfolds, accompanied by a playful chewiness that mimics the texture of a real banana. It's like a whimsical dance of flavors and fun, inviting your taste buds to join in the celebration of all things tropical and tasty.

Haribo Bananas are the perfect companions for your snack-time adventures – whether you're exploring the outdoors or simply indulging in a moment of blissful whimsy. These gummies are a reminder that life's sweetness can be found in the simplest joys, and Haribo Bananas are here to make each bite a reminder of that.

So, why wait for your next tropical getaway? Peel open a bag of Haribo Bananas and let the whimsy of these gummies transport you to a world of fruity delight. With every chew, you'll be taking a step closer to paradise – one delicious banana gummy at a time.

4.2oz (120g) 

Made in Germany