Gustaf's Dutch Licorice Beehive Candy

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Dive into a Hive of Flavorful Fun

Prepare to buzz with delight as you explore the whimsical world of Gustaf's Dutch Licorice Beehive Candy – the treats that are as sweet as honey and as fun as a bee's dance!

Enter the beehive of flavor as you indulge in these adorable licorice candies shaped like buzzing bees. Each piece is a delightful fusion of taste and charm, offering a unique treat that'll have you coming back for more.

Since 1876 Gustaf’s been making quality licorice candies for candy lovers all over the world! The Beehive licorice contains 8% honey in each piece, adding to the delicious flavor blend. Be the buzz of your friend group when you put them onto this tasty candy. Grab a pack and see the tastiness for yourself!

5.3oz (150g) 

Made in the Netherlands