Gustaf's Dutch Licorice Beagles Candy -150 g

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Embark on an Adventure with Gustaf's Licorice Beagles

Get ready to unleash a pack of flavor with Gustaf's Dutch Licorice Beagles Candy – the whimsical treats that are as charming as they are delicious!

Roam through a world of licorice delight as you savor these adorable beagle-shaped candies. Each piece is a playful combination of flavor and fun, offering a delightful experience that'll have you howling for more.

Gustaf's Dutch Licorice Beagles Candy are your four-legged friends on the flavor trail that will leave your tail wagging all day long. Grab a pack of these chewy black licorice candies and enjoy each sensational bite. These licorice bites are also super shareable, so you can share the love with friends and family who love licorice candy just as much as you!

5.3oz (150g) 

Made in the Netherlands