Gushers Tropical - 4.25oz

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Tropically Tasty! 

Escape to the sweet tropics with Gushers Tropical candy! These little gummies may appear small, but they are unsuspectingly flavorful. Forget all you know about Gushers candy because this amazingly fruity candy is filled with a jelly that will instantly burst in your mouth upon impact. Your taste buds won’t know what to do when they begin to drown in the tropical fruity goodness! There is an addictive quality to these little gems so be mindful of how much you have at once because they might be gone before you know it! Enjoy the tropical flavors of Kiwi-Lime, Strawberry-Kiwi, Tangerine and Blueberry-Grape in every pack of Gushers Tropical! 

4.25oz (120g) 

Made in the USA