Gummy Zone Sour Cola Candy - 1 kg

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A Fizz-tastic Blend of Delicious Flavors!

Prepare for a tantalizing journey through tangy and fizzy flavors with Gummy Zone Sour Cola Candy! These captivating treats are like a sip of your favorite bubbly beverage in gummy form, offering a delightful burst of sourness and a hint of cola goodness. Imagine the excitement of sinking your teeth into these cola bottle-shaped gummies, each one delivering a taste explosion that'll take your senses on a joyride.

Gummy Zone Sour Cola Candy combines the perfect balance of sour tanginess with the beloved taste of cola, creating a mouthwatering symphony that's a treat for your palate. The chewy texture adds to the adventure as you experience the tangy punch that lingers with each bite. Whether you're a candy connoisseur, a soda lover, or someone seeking a uniquely fizzy indulgence, these gummies are your ticket to a world of flavor excitement.

Snack on them during study sessions, add a playful twist to your candy buffets, or share the tangy joy with friends – Gummy Zone Sour Cola Candy is the ultimate fizzy treat that'll keep you coming back for more. Get ready to embrace the fizz and dive into a taste adventure that's as electrifying as it is delicious!

2.2lbs (1 kg) 

Made in the USA