Golden Bonbon Sour Jujube Nougat Bar - 40g

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 A Canadian Candy with a sting.

Experience a golden opportunity for your tastebuds with the Golden Bonbon Sour Jujube Nougat Bar.

Sink your teeth into a luscious-tasting vanilla-flavoured nougat bar. That is magnificently bursting with the sour candy flavours of bright and colourful Jujubes. 
This nougat candy bar is fresh and flavourful and just waiting for you to taste all that chewy goodness. 
This delicious Canadian Candy is made using a time-honoured and top-secret family recipe. This delectable Nougat candy uses only the freshest and very finest of ingredients providing you with an unbelievable taste!
Make the day golden with the Golden Bonbon Sour Jujube Nougat Bar!
  • Halal Candy
  • Canadian Candy