Golden Bonbon Jujubes Nougat Bar - 1.4oz.

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Delicious nougat bar with jujubes!

It's always a golden day when you have this gem on hand! The Golden Bonbon Jujube Nougat Bar is an incredible Canadian candy. Offering not only extreme deliciousness but a dreamy nougat texture.

You'll be delighted as your lips meet a soft and chewy nougat bar filled with colourful bits of jujubes throughout.
Made with a time-honoured and top-secret family recipe. You'll only taste the very best in this nougat bar as it uses only the highest quality ingredients.
Go for the gold with the Golden Bonbon Jujubes Nougat Bar!
  • Canadian Candy
  • Nougat bar with jujubes
  • Halal Candy
40g (1.4 oz.)