Pocky Chocolate Banana Biscuit Sticks - 2.47oz

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Go bananas with Pocky!

Discover the perfect pairing of chocolate and bananas with the Pocky Chocolate Banana Biscuit Sticks.

Each Pocky stick is a long and thin chocolate-flavoured biscuit dipped in a delicious coating of banana-flavoured cream.
Enjoy these as they are, or add them to a dish of ice cream for an extra special touch!
Perfect as a snack any time of the day. Great for lunches, desserts or whenever your sweet tooth comes calling!
Pocky sticks have been loved since 1966, offering crisp and delicious biscuit sticks
with a sophisticated look and exciting flavors.
You'll truly go bananas for the Pocky Chocolate Banana Biscuit Sticks.