Gardetto's Deli Style Mustard Pretzel Mix - 5.5oz

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A Pretzel Mix bursting with tradition.

Be indulged with the ultimate "crunch" factor with the Gardetto's Deli Style Mustard Pretzel Mix!

These are not your average pretzels. They are seasoned with love coming from a secret family recipe!
This pretzel mix is beyond flavorful. Containing a mix of pretzels, crunchy mini-sized breadsticks, and double-toasted rye crackers.
Every bite will burst with that bold and tangy taste of deli-style mustard! This pretzel snack is just what you need when those plain potato chips just don't cut it.
Loved since 1932 and hailing from the Gardetto's family bakery when they created a family tradition with the odds and ends of baked goods. Creating not only a savoury snack but a taste of tradition!
Discover the incredible crunch with Gardetto's Deli Style Mustard Pretzel Mix!