Galaxy Creamy Truffle Hazelnut Mini Eggs (UK) - 74g **BB 2024/May/26**

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Mini eggs from Galaxy Chocolate!

Be sweetly indulged with the Galaxy Creamy Truffle Hazelnut Mini Eggs. These rich and creamy British chocolate truffles are in the shape of chocolate eggs. 

As these chocolate truffles meet your lips, you'll taste the robust flavor of hazelnuts and milk chocolate's rich and silky texture. 
Every finely milled truffle has that magical melt-in-your-mouth quality and is abundantly creamy and flavorful, capturing the bold notes of delectable milk chocolate.
These creamy truffle treats make a delicious treat for any chocolate connoisseur and will undoubtedly become a regular part of your chocolate rotation!
Galaxy Chocolate made its delicious debut in 1960. They come out of the United Kingdom, creating a luscious British Chocolate for the world to enjoy!
Spoil yourself with the Galaxy Creamy Truffle Hazelnut Mini Eggs!