Springtime Fun Dip - Watermelon/Strawberry 16 Pouches

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Spring is a good time to enjoy Fun Dip!

Dip into the fun with the Springtime Fun Dip! This powdered candy comes with a whopping 16 pouches, ensuring you won't run out of this retro candy anytime soon!

This Fun Dip comes with candy sticks and the two delicious flavors of watermelon and strawberry. Just have a yummy lick of those candy sticks and get to the fun part: the dipping!
If you're a pro, you might resort to just eating those candy sticks first and then dumping that sweet powdered goodness directly into your mouth!
Perfect to use as an Easter Candy! Fill up those Easter baskets, use them as a delicious prize in your exciting Easter Egg hunt or just share a few with family and friends!
Fun Dip made its fantastic debut in 1973. This retro candy always has a place in any candy lovers rotation!
Add some fantastic "fun" to your day with the Springtime Fun Dip!