Fudge Brownie Cookie Dough Bites

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Cookie Dough Fudge Brownie Bites Has Us Melting

These deliciously fluffy, and chewy fudge brownie bites will have you floating away in heavenly bliss after every bite. Made with real fudge, Fudge Brownie Cookie Dough has everything you’re looking for in a brownie bite. From the creamy texture to the chewy fudge, a layer of sweet milk chocolate to the cookie dough in the center of each bite. The bite-sized brownies are individually coated in rich milk chocolate, giving you the optimal snack-eating experience. 

These little brownie bites are the perfect treat to have on the go, whether you’re studying at the library or hosting a movie night – they fit well with any occasion. But we want to warn you that once you start eating these addictive brownie treats, they’re pretty hard to put down and before you know it, you’ll be back here ordering more! Consume at your own risk!!! 


Made in the USA