Fanta White Peach (Japan) - 100mL

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Exotic Drinks from Japan

Embark on a flavourful journey to Japan with the Fanta White Peach Soda Pop.

This Fanta soda pop is brimming with the fragrant aroma of a white-fleshed peach. 
Inviting you on a flavorful escapade, this soda sweetly releases its succulent and fruity peach flavors in every fizzy sip. 
You'll find yourself in a lush orchard of peaches as you bask in the sunlight, sipping on this incredible Fanta. Each and every bubble captures the flavourful essence of the white peach.
Fanta has been keeping us refreshingly revitalized since its debut in 1940. Satisfying us with its remarkable flavours and quenching taste.
Unleash your tastebuds with the extraordinary taste of Fanta White Peach Soda Pop!