Face Twisters Paint Roller Candy - 0.78oz

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Play with your sour candy!

Mom might not approve, but now you can really play with your food! The Face Twisters Paint Roller Candy is not only a fun and interactive candy, its awesomely delicious!

Featuring a paint roller and a tray. The bright-looking paint roller is a rainbow-coloured hard candy, and the tray is filled with a gel-like candy.
Just roll the candified paint roller into that ooey, gooey gel candy and get to rolling!
Roll it on yourself, or roll it on your friends! This novelty candy is sweetly satisfying and all-around fun! Release your inner Picasso with the likes of candy!
Made with a combination of sweet and sour candy flavors that really will make your face twist!
Go on and paint the town red and your face with the Face Twisters Paint Roller Candy!