efrutti Taco Tuesday

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A Fiesta of Flavor in Every Bite!

Spice up your snacking game with eFrutti Taco Tuesday, where every day can be a fiesta of flavor! Get ready for a taste sensation that's as playful as it is delicious.

Unwrap a world of gummy goodness that looks just like your favorite taco ingredients – from the shell to the toppings. The chewy textures and fruity flavors will have you convinced that you're munching on a tiny taco masterpiece.

Whether it's Tuesday or any day of the week, eFrutti Taco Tuesday is here to bring a burst of fun to your taste buds. It's a party in a bag that's perfect for sharing or savoring all on your own. So, grab a handful, take a bite, and let the flavor fiesta begin!

2.7oz (77g)

Made in the USA