efrutti Gummi Cupcake Candy

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A Fun Spin on Gummy Candy!

Why simply eat your food, when you can play with it too? This chewy gummy candy makes the snack eating experience so much more exciting than you would’ve anticipated. Get ready to indulge your sweet tooth in a whole new way of snacking with eFrutti Cupcake gummy candy! These adorable gummy snacks are shaped like mini cupcakes and come in a rainbow of fruity flavors.

Each cupcake is topped with a dollop of frosting and colorful sprinkles, they’re almost too cute to eat…almost. Don't worry, once you take a bite you'll be hooked! These gummy candies are the perfect treat for satisfying your cravings in a playful way. So go ahead, grab a handful of eFrutti Cupcake gummy snacks and let the fun begin!

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eFrutti Cheesecake - .81oz

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eFrutti Gummi Pizza Candy

eFrutti Gummi Sour Fruity Fries

  • Fat Free
  • Nut Free
  • Guten Free

.81oz (23g) 

Made in the USA