efrutti Apple Trio Gummies - 3.5oz

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This gummy candy keeps the doctor away.

Get your gummy game on with efruitti Apple Trio Gummy Candy!

This gummy candy offers a sweet-and-sour candy experience with every bite. It will be the apple of your eye!
As you bite through the soft and chewy apple-shaped gummies. You'll envision yourself in the middle of a fragrant apple orchard. As you chew your way through this gummy candy, your tastebuds will come alive with the happiness of all things apple!  
These gummies contain the fresh flavors of three apples. You'll taste the sweetness of a honey-crisp apple. The tart and tangy taste of a granny smith and the great taste of golden delicious!
It's an apple extravaganza! Get on the apple cart with the efrutii Apple Trio Gummies!
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Fat-Free