efrutti Gummi Hot Dog Candy

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Build Your Yummy BBQ with Gummy Snacks

Have your own gummy BBQ party right in your living room! The gummy food collection from eFrutti makes eating candy especially amusing and delicious. If you're a fan of gummy candy and love to play with your food, you will love snacking on eFrutti Hot Dog gummy candy! These little gummy snacks are shaped like mini hot dogs and come with all the toppings, from ketchup to mustard. Each bite is bursting with fruity flavor, making it the perfect treat for satisfying your sweet tooth cravings.

The gummy candy is the perfect treat to share with friends and family. You can collect all the different flavors/styles of gummies and build your own gummy feast! Try them out for yourself, and let the fun begin. 

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  • Fat Free
  • Nut Free
  • Guten Free

.81oz (23g) 

Made in the USA