Dum Dums Bunny Pops - 7.1 oz

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The Easter Bunny loves these Dum Dums!

Make some "bunny" very happy with the Dum Dums Bunny Pops! But make sure you're quick like a bunny! The Easter Bunny loves these lollipops!
These sweet-looking lollipops come with a bunny face on each sucker.
Colorful and ready to impress your taste buds with an array of fruity flavors! 
Open wide to experience the flavors of Tropi-Berry, Berry Lemonade, Berry Melon, and Very Blu Cherry.
These Dum Dums are ready to burst with their intense flavors! They make an excellent Easter Candy. Fill up those Easter baskets or use them as a sweet little Easter gift.
Dum Dums have been a favorite lollipop of choice since their sweet debut in 1924. They provide a long-lasting and flavorful lollipop experience. There's nothing quite like that classic taste of a Dum Dums lollipop!
Be quick like a bunny before that hop happy Easter Bunny gets them all!
Make the day delicious with the Dum Dums Bunny Pops!
20 Bunny Pops | 7.1oz.