Dubble Bubble Seedlings 2.04oz

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Blow big bubbles with Dubble Bubble!

Sow the seeds of deliciousness with the Dubble Bubble Seedlings Bubble Gum.

These fruit-shaped gumballs offer a delicious center of tiny little seedling candies.
Now you can chew your way through this juicy bubble gum and delve into its fruit-filled shapes of orange, watermelon, strawberry, apple and grape.
This Dubble Bubble Gum is bursting with intense and fruity flavors. As you bite through every gumball, you'll be amazed at its luscious juiciness.
Bursting with vibrant fruitiness, you'll feel as though you're frolicking through a ripe and ready garden brimming with all the fruit you could imagine!
We've been chewing on the likes of this bubblegum since 1928! Dubble Bubble has been a number one choice for generations. Creating big and bouncy bubbles while providing long-lasting flavors!
"Dubble" the deliciousness with the Dubble Bubble Seedlings Bubble Gum!