Dubble Bubble Cotton Candy Bubble Gum - 18g

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Bubble Gum that tastes like Cotton Candy!

Tap into your bubble power with the incredible taste of Dubble Bubble Cotton Candy Bubble Gum!
It's luscious, it's juicy, and it's just waiting for you to happily chew your way through the magical taste of Cotton Candy!
These bright and colorful gumballs offer a world of flavor and, of course, that chewy and bouncy texture that every bubblegum lover requires. 
As you unwrap this Dubble Bubble, you'll immediately be hit with the sweet scent of cotton candy. You might feel as though you're riding high on some dizzying rides at the fair. As you bite through its candy-coated exterior, you'll meet that magnificent, tender core of succulent-tasting cotton candy!
We've been relishing in its deliciousness since 1928! Dubble Bubble always gives the ultimate in taste and holds the promise of the biggest bubbles!
Get blown away with the Dubble Bubble Cotton Candy Bubble Gum!
  • Dubble Bubble Since 1928
  • Made in Canada
  • America's Favorite Bubble Gum!

18g (0.6 oz)