Dubble Bubble Bubblegum Assorted 420+ Pieces

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Remember this Bubble Gum?

You might have come across this pink bubble gum on sidewalks or under desks. We're glad you never ate it. Now you can have your very own stockpile with the Dubble Bubble Bubblegum Assorted!

This huge package of Dubble Bubble is just waiting to deliciously burst in your mouth. It's full of flavour, juiciness and the hope of big bubbles!
Comes with over 420 pieces and in four flavours.
Chew your way through the fantastic-ness of Original, Grape, Apple and Watermelon.
This old-fashioned bubble gum is just as luscious and bouncy as you remember it! It's been secretly enjoyed in classrooms, traded at recess, and stuck in all the wrong places. But let's face it. We can never deny its incredibly sweet scent and all of the fun memories. Loved since 1928, Dubble Bubble is a legend!
Find your bubble power with the Double Bubble Bubblegum Assorted!
  • 1920s Candy
  • Made in Canada
420 Pieces