Drakes Apple Fruit Pies - 18.04oz

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Drake's Snacks are tempting.

Get a piece of the pie with Drake's Apple Fruit Pies! This delicious snack is made with a tender, flaky pastry with an oozing apple filling.

They are baked with real apples for an authentic taste. You'll love to sink your teeth into this apple pie snack.
That perfect pastry shell hides a sweetly sensational apple filling, and the top is finished with a delectable glaze drizzle.
Enjoy them as they are, or warm them up for a heavenly apple pie aroma. It makes for a fast and easy little dessert. Enjoy it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream just to be extra fancy!
Drake's has been serving up its irresistible snacks since 1896, creating the most ideal flavors and forms of cakes, pies and other pastries.
Don't be left behind. Have a slice of the pie with Drake's Apple Fruit Pies!