Cadbury Double Decker Chocolate Bar - 54.5g

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Double the Height & Flavor! 

Cadbury really said the bigger, the better! The Cadbury Double Decker Chocolate bar is layered with taste bud tingling treats that will have you floating in chocolatey bliss! The Double Decker chocolate bar has a scrumptious layer of nougat, with a crunchy layer of rice cereal on the bottom. The satisfying sound of the crispy crunch will be enough to ease your cravings! 

Inspired by the British double decker bus, this British candy bar has represented an entire nation in the most delicious and delectable way since 1976. There is so much to appreciate about this Cadbury bar, from its chewy nougat, crispy rice cereal texture, to its iconic Cadbury milk chocolate that wraps the entire chocolate bar up in a beautiful bow! 

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1.92oz (54.5g)

Made in the UK