Doritos Chilli (Portugal) - 140g

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Exotic Snacks from Portugal

Come alive with the fervent heat of Doritos Chilli! These Doritos are imported from Portugal and offer a crunchy burst of flavourful, fiery heat in every bite.

Each corn chip is made with a crumbly and crunchy texture. As you open up these Dorito chips, the spicy scent will have you imagining the sizzle. 
In every crunchy bite, the flavour of chilli is beyond exciting. With every thrilling nibble, the taste of the chilli comes alive and offers a sizzling sting of salty and spicy flavours. Not a five alarm chilli, but enough to get you hot under the collar!
Life is too short to eat those plain old boring potato chips. Liven up your snack time with a fiery burst of heat.
Spice up your life with the Doritos Chilli!